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What is your motivation?

Do you know WHY you are doing WHAT you are doing?

In general, human beings are driven by two internal forces – what we think and how we feel.

While thinking tends to be more objective and feeling is more subjective, both serve to drive our behaviours – and one key behaviour influenced by our thinking and feeling is motivation.

Motivation is generally defined as ‘the set of reasons that drives one to engage in a particular behaviour’.

So, when someone says ‘I’m not motivated’ – they are saying that they either don’t feel like doing something or that they don’t find any reason to do that thing – i.e. either the feeling or the thinking is holding them back.

The other well-known truth is that we are either motivated by the desire to avoid pain or the desire to obtain a gain.

Neither is good or bad. The need to avoid pain or obtain a gain can work well in differing circumstances.

Take for example a successful investor – her goal is to make money (the gain), however, she may go about it by avoiding pain, i.e. avoid risky investments.

Imagine how much better off we’d all be if we could truly understand what drives us – i.e. our motivations.

Imagine if we had a handle on our thinking and feeling as well as knowing our motivational drivers.

The consequence of knowing our motivational drivers would mean many of us would stop meandering through life simply hoping for the best.

We could move from having life forces dictate our behaviours towards designing and driving a life that we truly want to live.

This is possible if we take the time to understand why we do what we do – in other words, understanding our motivational drivers.

The tell-tale signs of low or poor motivation

How do you know if your level of motivation is low or even non-existent?

Typically, people with low motivational drivers experience the following:

  • They don’t have a strong driving force in their lives, i.e. the ‘WHY’ – instead, they live life on auto-pilot;

  • Work life tends to be unfulfilling – as a result, many people are un-inspired by their work and are merely in it for the monthly pay-check;

  • Wishing away 5 days or your life for 2 – in other words, you live for the weekend;

  • The single aim in life is looking forward to retirement

The importance of knowing your Motivational Drivers

As mentioned above, you can choose to merely live your life being dictated to by outside forces or you can design your life and choose how to live it.

The difference between the two is knowing what drives you – your motivational drivers.

And when you do know what drives you, then you have clarity on;

  • Making better career and life decisions;

  • Knowing how your motivation is likely to change over time;

  • How your current work role is or isn’t fulfilling your core career drivers;

  • How to develop better life and leadership skills;

  • Achieving greater fulfillment in life and in work;

  • Actively setting your life direction

So, stop and think, right now –

Do I know what truly gets me going?

What get’s me out of bed?

Why do I do and behave the way I do?

If you’re struggling to clearly answer any of these questions, then find out what motivates you.

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Andrew Third
Andrew Third
Sep 24, 2019

As someone who has completed the motivational maps I am very happy with the results and resonates with my current stage in life. Harry and the team did a tremendous job at explaining the process and giving clear guidance on where I need to be to achieve my goals.

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