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Australian dads network

The future of Australian here!

We are Dads!

We’re good at fixing stuff, making things, being funny and down right bloody awesome!

But sometimes we don’t stop to look at ourselves in the mirror and say, bloody hell mate, pull ya socks up, its time to work on becoming the best bloke you can be!

But what does that look like? Great question and I am glad you asked!

Gather round fellas! This is where the Australian Dads Network PODCAST comes into play a major part in your life! This month we want to welcome you to the Yarn Barn!

This is your new school!

You are encouraged to take notes, listen and smother yourself in everything you hear!

Join me, Liam Sorrell, host and CEO of the Australian Dads Network, as I yarn with men and women that are at the top of their game and are stoked to share their tools and wisdom with you!!

But what happens when the show ends…that's where you take over to you cob!! We will be there in the DADS ONLY Facebook community to be your accountability partner and help support you through the process for sure, so jump in and be involved! Now I know you are wondering where I can find this podcast...and you will get notified prior to the official launch. I promise you it will be hyped up and across ALL the socials so you wont miss the first episode as it drops! But I encourage you to continue to check into the website and Australian Dads Network social accounts from here on! This is going to be a game changer for Aussie Dads! Alongside the most thriving community of Dads on the internet in Australia right now, we are the future of Australian Dads! So get on board and if you want to contribute or find out more about us leave a comment or send Liam an email.

Take it easy and stay tuned for the podcast launch date to be announced shortly!


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